Tattoo Rock Parlour - Case Study

Tattoo Rock Parlour website design overview

Rocking the city in 3d -

Sorry Everyone the Flash Site has been taken down. We are working on getting an archived version up soon!

In the meantime you can read about how amazing it is! - I know bad joke.

Torontoís newest alternative night club hits the scene where you can rock the night and get inked to remember it.

Matty Studios was amped to be part of another successful online venture with Ink and Liberty Group Entertainment. When brainstorming how to build this website we knew that we had to hit the right cord with the audience so thatís why we went with a tattoo mash-up inspired Papervision3D interface. This is where we let you get behind the gun to test your tattoo skills.
"An incredible mash-up of tattoo inspired graphic design and cutting edge Papervision3D that navigates you into this alternative playground"

The layout inspiration for Tattoo Rock Parlour came from a love of the world of tattoo designs and how we could take that lifestyle mixed with some killer photographs and rock out a really cool site. In the past we had been dying to try out Papervision3D on a project and this one just felt like the perfect match. There were a lot of worries at first with the polygons and the horrendous load times but after 4 months of tweaking and awesome main site loader that lets you tattoo a guys arm while you wait the site runs smooth and insanely fast for the amount of content in it.

Some interesting facts

- Even though Papervision3D was great - we had to use a customized version of our own 3D engine for the events and bookings.
- The master layout PSD for the 3d interface features over 200 layers and 100 Vector elements.

Story Resources - - Coming Soon!

Highlights -

Paper Vision 3D Interface

AS3 used for structure

Tattoo inspired graphic design

Tattoo it yourself main loader

PV 3D Events section

SSP gallery frontend / backend

Custom CMS (Content Management System)

Quotes -

"Totally amazing site . . it sucks you right in with great visuals, rockin beats and crazy 3D Navigation!" - Drew Minns . Web Manager - INK
"Really wicked engaging experience. . Love it!" - Jesse Carere . Marketing Director - INK