The Spoke Club launches new site

The Spoke Club launches new site

Connecting through creativity -

Where the elite of the entertainment world come to speak their minds, share their interest in art, cinema, and have a drink.

With Spoke Club's new site just released this year the entertainment community has a new forum and calendar to socialize and keep in the know. Thanks to Matty Studios.

This project gave way to another passion, photography, all the interior photos were taken by Matty which allowed him to present the clean, minimalistic look that he was looking for throughout the site.
"Very fresh, white, light and modern . . .we love it! "

Some interesting facts

- Matthew shot all the interior Photography for the site
- The original design for Spoke Club was black - but was quickly dismissed by all for a lighter cleaner white pallet

Story Resources -

Highlights -

Location Photography

Brand "Fresh Up"

Clean, minimal layout


Events calendar

News Engine

Custom CMS (Content Management System)

Quotes -

"Designing on white is tricky but those nice horizontal tiling bright images with splashes of color hit you " - Matthew . Owner - Matty Studios