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In Depth on Tattoo Rock Parlour
Read About - TattooRockParlour.com

Rocking the city in Paper Vision 3D

Go behind the scenes with MattyStudios as we talk TattooRockParlour.com where you can rock the night and get inked with a tattoo mash-up inspired paper vision 3D interface. Maybe if your a good boy, we'll let you get behind the gun to test your tattoo skills.
AS3 Flash Interface | Paper Vision 3D Nav | CMS

Hot off the HD -

Walker Hall Wines
View - walkerhallwinery.com

Quintessential Wine Estate

Walker Hall Estate is an ultra premium winery producer and destination for the wine elite in Canada’s Niagara Peninsula. The site features gorgeous 3D rendered wine bottles, Full E-Commerce shop, a custom CMS and a members only luxury brand and feel.
Css | PHP | Gallery | Custom CMS | E-commerce

Featured Website -

Quality and Company
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Quality revamped and relaunched

Completely new from the ground up. This Django CMS driven site is customized beyond belief. With rebuilt product illustrations with 3D backgrounds, to an add to favorites panel and easy order features.
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About the Studio -

We love design in any shape, form and color.

Here at Matty Studios we produce dynamic, visual design for web, print and all other mediums. We’re not concerned with volume, as we prefer to focus on quality because the work that we create for you is a direct reflection of us and it is our business card.
"Our passion for dynamic, gorgeous design and the little details comes through with every click of the mouse"

Sounds like a pretty good little studio eh? Why not head over to contact and fill out our form, in it you can tell us a bit about your project and we can start creating your project today!

A little about the man behind the curtain -
A self diagnosed media junkie and design aficionado who notices the pattern of the textile weave in the cup of Tim Horton's he drinks every morning. Matthew Beverly has worked with the large and the small and just about all those in between. Have a look at the studios work: web, print, and photo to get an idea of what we offer.

Services -

Matty Studio Services and Capabilites
Web - Flash, XML, PHP, CMS, CSS, HTML
Graphic Design - Print, Posters, Brochures
Branding - Vector logo design, corporate ID
Photography - Pro Digital, Photo touch ups
Direction - Creative, Art, Project
Animation - Flash, AE, Motion Graphics
Basically if you want something created and rolled out to various media platforms Matty Studios is the place to be.